Rising from having just a YouTube channel to directing her own show with her as the lead actress in “insecure” a hit series on HBO, Issa Rae is the new sensation on the block, and we cannot get enough of her. Her rise to stardom is quite inspiring and a story to be told, and she’s taken it all in stride while remaining the woman that she has always been; strong, political and unapologetic. The best part is that she is a beacon for women of color on how to survive in Hollywood and make it without compromise, rocking your style. Here are a few reasons why we love Issa Rae

Her Daring sense of style
Issa Rae might not be Naomi Campbell or Bella Hadid, but she sure rocks whatever she’s wearing and in a tremendous relatable way. It’s a fact that what is usually worn on the red carpet is not for everyone and basically screams opulence, a concept most of the masses can’t relate to. A significant reason why we love Issa is that she wears what is not too far from what the average black woman would wear and the twist is it’s only us who appreciate her style but notable style names like Givenchy and Gucci. Recently she graced the cover of numerous magazines and is winning with her brave and bold fashion decisions, and we cannot get enough of her black girl magic!
Unapologetically political
It’s difficult to find a person in Hollywood who stands by what they stand for and do so without apologizing for it. With Issa Rae, she has no problem in throwing it in your face and making you eat it. Let’s take “insecure” for example where she challenges a lot that is wrong with the American society. A scene comes to mind where she addresses the issue of ‘glass ceilings ‘ for women in the workplace as her friend, Molly is getting paid significantly less than a white male in the law firm she works at while she is the best attorney they have. To top it off she reveals that as Molly petitions to get her thoroughly deserved raise, she is before a panel of privileged white men. With daring moves and bold steps, Issa is set to reveal what is up with society through her acting
She is celebrity goals
Issa comes through and smashes the expectations that are out in celebrity lifestyles like having to be composed and always have it together well here Issa is owning her awkwardness and being her best self. The YouTube channel was titled “ Diaries of an awkward black girl,” and the Stanford graduate even has her book. As an accomplished woman of color, she is an inspiration to other women of color and sets an excellent precedent for others with her natural humor and fantastic personality
Issa Rae is an amazing and a down to earth person, and for that we love her.