Having a cookout is fun whether being hosted at your backyard, at a park or at the beach, there is always that suitable air for mingling and for digging into whatever is cooking or grilling along with a cold drink. Whether you are having steak or hamburgers these are 5 must-haves you really don’t want to forget to carry along to your cookout.
Having some sanitary wipes:
I’m sure you have had killer barbecue at a cookout that you forgot all your fine dining and just wanted to dig in ravenously and yikes! You cannot get where to wash your hands. Well not to worry because there are wipes around the corner, or are there? Having sanitary wipes at your cookout is very handy for you when you are hosting so that you can wipe surfaces of utensils and your hand and for the guests to wipe off some food after digging in.
Disposable Utensils:
Hey! Who wants to be buried over their heads with dishes duty right after a fun cookout, where is the fun in all of it? An option is to easily making use of disposables to serve will do the magic, if you are worried about the environment, opt for paper plates and cups rather than plastics and all you have to do is gather them and give out for recycling.
Ice coolers:
Everyone may have their different preferences in drinks but what most people will not compromise on is having cold drinks. Whatever it is, a mock tail, a can of beer, some wine it always tastes better when cold. When getting ready to host a cookout, you should think about how to get some ice for the drinks, especially when what you plan to serve includes some sort of spicy food.
Some sauce to go with everything:
Maybe having just one type of sauce or everyone can be a little limiting to your guests but what should never be heard of is ‘not enough sauce’. While some refer to host a cookout with some homemade sauce, others may rather by the sauce and serve their guests, just remember to make it interesting and let there be enough to go round everyone. The right sauce can turn a boring steak into an exciting experience with every bite.
Put some music on:
Cookout means time to have fun, socialised and eat and even though people want to converse with the others they meet at a cookout they also want to have some background music playing so that if they run out of things to say they can do a little twirl. Music puts the fun in grilling really, it’s hard to imagine a cookout without some music, so don’t slip up on your music selection.
These 5 must-haves are sure to turn your cookout into the best outdoor time with friends, good tasting food, good music and easy to clean up after you will find yourself looking forward to the next one.

*but beware the haters