Everyone loves to look chic and stylish, from the clothes they wear, to their shoes, to their accessories, no one wants to be caught not looking fly and bourgeois.
Alas, to always be on top of your style game is going to require quite a lot of financial investments-money in the bank-, or so they say. While I’m not disputing that fact, there are quite a number of ways to still look fresh and fly even if your bank account is not up to scratch. Welcome to how to look fly on a budget!

Accessories: When it comes to accessories, the rule of thumb here is to always go big. Big, bold sunshades will make your face the center of attention to everyone around. A wonderful thing about accessories is that they can be paired with a vast amount of clothing, so they’re a sure bet to pulling off that killer look.
Right Fit: This is a golden rule. If it doesn’t fit, don’t buy it. First off, ill-fitting clothes are a no-no. It always pays to wear stuff that suits and accentuates your body. Secondly, even if the clothing is so fly that it has to be bought, it has to be put into consideration that even more money will have to be spent on amendments. The goal here however is to get more for less.
Thrift Shops: You’d be surprised by the gems that can be found at thrift stores, from fashionable accessories to pieces of vintage clothing, the lists are endless. And to cap it all off, they are all sold at very cheap prices. Thrift stores are the place to get value for inexpensive spending.

Fabric Maintenance: This is a major key in staying fly always. The longevity of your clothes is totally dependent on how much care you put into its maintenance. Invest time in learning how to take care of the very many fabrics there are i.e how to wash them, storage options and different stain removal techniques. By taking proper care of your clothes, you get to keep rocking them for long.
Sales: It pays to keep an eye out for sales. This will require being patient. More often than not, those fashion items that will cost an arm and a leg today will be on sale in the nearest future. All that needs to be done is to bid your time and then swoop in when the price is right.
Create your own style: This is the easiest way to look fly. Work with what you have. Mix and match your clothes and accessories. Create a fashion sense that revolves around your wardrobe. Get those creative juices flowing and you’d be amazed by the fantastic pairings you can come up with.
Fashion is a very relative art. Even when on a shoestring budget, magic can still happen. You just need to be creative with the resources at your disposal.