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You definitely will agree with me that Chris Brown has not been the luckiest person when it comes to issues involving women. Cases of violence against women have trailed the music artist time and again for some time now.

Truth be told, I am of the opinion that some kind of action should be taken against the music star to call him to order or put him on check so he would be more careful when dealing with women especially in this dispensation when violence against women is beginning to be looked upon with some serious lenses. But then, don’t you think some actions should be considered a step too far especially when the basis for such actions are only but just speculations and accusations yet? I think so too.

Recently, the campaign which was launched by the online petition site, Care2 to have Chris Brown’s record label terminate their deal with the song star and have him dropped from the label has been getting a very wide support and endorsements from a lot of people. Matter of fact, the petition has gotten over fifty thousand signatures. This campaign was launched when a photograph surfaced online of Chris Brown seemingly trying to choke a woman with his hands round her neck in Miami even though Chris Brown’s team and the even the lady involved have come out to clear the air that nothing serious was happening in the picture, they were just “playing”.

The petition however was also fueled by another case of abuse as reports came up tat a woman has sued Chris Brown after being drugged and raped in the artist’ house by his guest. Care2 intends to present the petition to the Chief Executive Officer of ACA with the hope that it will facilitate the drop Chris Brown from the record label.

One might begin to wonder if this case against Chris Brown can be considered as a step taken too far seeing that these cases against him are mere speculations from social media and an accusation on someone else which is yet to be ruled by the court? Personally, I think that before a person’s profession should be threatened because of cases like this, the case should in the least be credible enough
The fight against domestic violence and sexual assault or harassment I must confess is a very good and worthy one. However, it seems we are beginning to let sentiments and emotions to becloud our sense of judgement and this could prove to be disastrous in such sensitive cases as this. Just like R Kelly’s songs was recently removed from the Spotify’s playlist on accusations of sexual impropriety with minors, one would expect a platform like Spotify to know better than take actions on just mere speculations and accusations even when a court of law is yet to rule the person(s) involved guilty. The Solange issue too among a whole lot of other issues with celebrities these days might begin to suggest the question, Are we not overreaching?