Love and Hip Hop consists of several reality television series that is being broadcasted and appreciated by a large number of people across the globe. With a casting crew of over 200 notable musicians, performers, managers and record producers across the United States, Love and Hip Hop showcases the life and experiences of these notable people. Love and Hip Hop since May 15, 2014 airs continually with new episodes coming up every Monday in Atlanta, New York, Hollywood, and Miami. Today, over 290 episodes of Love and Hip Hop have been broadcasted and still counting.
What is Different About Love and Hip Hop?
As a reality show, Love and Hip Hop brings several notable personalities all on one stage delving into what makes up their experiences. Rasheeda and Kirk Frost, Mimi Faust, Karlie Redd, Tammy Rivera, Waka Flocka Flame, Stevie J, Momma Dee, Jessica Dime are among notable personalities in the United States that have played a role in Love and Hip Hop. Asides bringing notable personalities together, Love and Hip Hop also evaluates it’s cast usefulness every week to know their strengths and their weaknesses; and the outcome of this evaluation determines who stays on the show, and who leaves.
As more and more episodes of Love and Hip Hop is being aired, viewers are always left in suspense as to what to expect, except that more often than not, Miami Shay keeps getting played and hurt. The most recent on this suspense filled and intriguing series is Karlie’s plan backfiring; Kirk and Rashers are seen to have made up once again, and also more and more outrageous moments on the Atlanta series.
Love and Hip Hop keeps giving life to reality show and teaching us more and more practical life experiences far way more than is being taught us in the four walls of school. But after over 20 seasons of Love and Hip Hop, can we say we are getting tired of this reality show?
What is Tiring About Love and Hip Hop?
Despite the consistency, suspense and thrill the Love and Hip Hop reality show is known for, people have over time began losing interest in this reality show. The reasons for this, can be traced to several factors. First, several seasons of Love and Hip Hop is being seen by many to have reached depths of deprived indifference on one hand; and immoral, disgusting and uncalled for acts by grown adults in exchange for fame even when this cost the respect for and of their children on another hand. Also more and more recent episodes of Love and Hip Hop seems to exploit blacks, encourages violence, and promotes women degradation.
On a close look, the storyline of Love and Hip Hop seems to be more fabricated recently making it lose the initial vibe with which it started it. 20 seasons? Definitely the reason for it.
Love and Hip Hop is no doubt the most aired, and one of the highest rated unscripted franchises of cable television. Regardless of this, a lot needs to be done to restore the initial vibe this reality show started out with; curb certain negative stereotypes it teaches, and it should appear more real in the experiences put forth. Until this is done, we are beginning to get tired of Love and Hip Hop.