New rules to the local music hustle.

and by new rules we mean the rules that have never changed just the way they’re implemented.

1.Drop one dope EP.
It goes without saying. Make sure the product is quality. 3 to 4 tracks that showcase your skill and personality mixed professionally is all you need to begin your journey. Don’t let the production of a full album be the obstacle that keeps you from moving forward.
1st your city, then save and take weekend trips to other states. Exhaust those open mics and showcases in your city. Have a friend record those experiences so you can later use as content when you engage your fanbase. You don’t need a big budget to take advantage of the resources already in your backyard. Forgo all the unnecessary crap you buy, save and plan a trip to a city and increase your visibility.

3.Have a site where you can offer free streams and sell merch.
No one wants to buy your music. Yet. so give it away in away that won’t hurt your potential travel funds ( like printing cds ). With sites like Soundcloud and youtube, making your music readily available is super easy.

4.Engage fans on a consistent but natural level with and without social media.

Let your fans know you’re human. The advantage you have over the industry artists you have time to develop fan/artist relationships. leverage social media to cater to those who already support you and to woo new followers.

5.Release another EP when you’ve hit milestones, Followers, cities visited etc.

Its addicting but constantly dropping projects can also slow you down. Focus on what counts. Followers. (But they want to hear new stuff)…This may true, Maybe you’re that dope. Balance the the decision to release more work with how well you handle rule number 4.

Good luck.