Studio 1608’s 2015 annual artshow was curated by Stylepump’s very own Daniel Fortune. The show honored the studio’s resident artist as well as chosen artist throughout Palm Beach. Transcendence was the name given to the show and the art work certainly did just that.

Transcendence at Studio 1608 | Curated by Daniel Fortune from Stylepump on Vimeo.

The night Featured These artist:
Joel Cohen, Dragana Connaughton, Fiona Drummond, Daniel Fortune,
Jefro ,Steve Johnson, Chintia Kirana, Ellen Liman, Nancy Mcilvaine , Clemente Mimun,
Jennifer Myerberg, Beverly Myers, Fransisco Prettel, Montana Pritchard,
Rob Regis, Terre Ribovych ,Pamela Ross, Sean Rush,
and Edwina Sandys