Does the name Donald Glover ring a bell? Does it sound familiar? Whether you are a music lover or a Hollywood follower, the name Donald Glover has become a household name in the entertainment world today. He is good at whatever he dedicates his time to do.

Donald Glover is a versatile actor and musician who rhymes with words; he has a couple of mixtapes to his name. He is a creative genius in all he does. His level of ingenuity and creativity has helped him carve a niche for himself and won him several awards ranging from music to acting. His creative accomplishments are testament to the fact that he is a force to reckon with in the entertainment world.

He is one of the few creatives that are highly needed in the entertainment world today because he is a genius who is creative in merging the several roles he plays in the entertainment industry today. Whether he is out there in the studios rhyming with words or directing or shooting a movie or playing a character role in a movie, he brings lots of energy and creativity to it.

He is the pioneer of the comedy series, Atlanta which he co-wrote, starred in, co-directed and co-produced. The contemporary comedy series was welcomed by many and gained popularity for his immense work and dedication he put into the work. He played as the lead actor in the comedy series which helped him nab several awards like the Golden Globe Best Actor in a Comedy Series and Golden Globe Best Television Series in 2016.

This is a great feat to achieve at 33; to co-write, direct and play the lead actor role in a comedy series isn’t an easy task to do, but he aced it well and came out with different awards to show for it. He is a genius.

His comedy series, Atlanta also won an Emmy award for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series and Television Series solidifying his creative prowess in directing. He went ahead to also nab the Emmy award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series as well.

It is no denying his creative prowess in the entertainment world because he has lots of awards to his name due to his ingenious ability to portray character roles, to direct and produce movies. He will also voice Simba in the remake of Lion King and he will play the legendary pimp role, Lando Calrissian. He is rumoured to write the Deadpool animated series with his brother, too.

That’s a whole lot of creativity infused in one body. These are some of the reasons we need creatives like him in the entertainment world today. Creatives who are versatile and divergent. He is good and he is a bag of creativity laced with ingenious prowess in delivery outstanding entertainment.

Finally, his myriads of accomplishments and creative prowess in different roles in the entertainment world are the reasons why we need super creatives like him.